Aerotech Series – Opening Louvred Roofs combine clean linear architectural lines with innovative engineering ingenuity. SkyMax Aerotech Series redefines the boundaries between inside & out.

Our 2020 Release

New Aerotech Series – Linear 235 & 275 Models.
An unparalleled span of up to 5500mm.

The Aerotech Series incorporates a unique design language that is recognisable in an instant. The first part is the unmistakable linear shaped blade offering unobstructed & clear views through. The second part begins at the underside when blades are closed & the horizontal lines characterise a minimalistic design approach.

Residential, Hospitality & Commercial Projects

Sun, Wind & Rain Protection

Maximum Blade Span: Up to 5500mm
Maximum Pivot/Projection: 12 meters

Commercial Projects: Retail, Restaurants, Hotels, Clubs, Early Learning, Aged Care, Schools & Universities
Residential Projects: Single Dwellings, Apartments & Townhouses


  • A distinctive & clean architectural appearance
  • Efficiently control light, heat-gain & ventilation
  • Colours to suit most architectural specifications
  • Rain insertion strips designed to eliminate spray
  • Custom-built support structures to your specifications
  • Designed & Engineered in accordance with the wind
    & design codes of Australia

Louvre Blade Models (Measurements in mm)
Linear 195 – 3500mm Max Span | Size – 195 x 32 | Between Blades – 152
Linear 215 – 4200mm Max Span | Size – 215 x 35 | Between Blades – 168
Linear 235 – 4600mm Max Span | Size – 235 x 40 | Between Blades – 183
Linear 275 – 5500mm Max Span | Size – 275 x 46 | Between Blades – 217

Motorised Operation: 240V Electric Motor
Control Options: Wall Switch, Remote &/or BMS
Sensor Options: Rain, Sun, Light, Wind &/or Timer

Blades: Powder Coated Structural Grade Aluminium
Gutters: Powder Coated Structural Grade Aluminium
End Plates: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
Fixings: 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel

Blades, Gutters, Pivot & End Plates: Powder Coated Finish

Lighting & Outdoor Heating Systems
Wireless Automated Control Systems
Vertical Enclosure & Sound Systems

The below 9 steps cover important design aspects you will need to consider, for a budget estimate please complete the budget estimate form and Skymax will send out the budget estimate and project specification, once received we will make contact with you to discuss your project in further detail.

Step 1 – Area to Cover

The first step is to determine the width & depth of the area to cover including any additional areas.

Step 2 – Select Support Frame Type

Select the support frame type that would be the best design for your project, the next question is will the support frame be Constructed By Skymax within our scope of works or do you have a Builder To Construct The Support Frame?

Or do you have an Existing Support Frame that can be utilised?

Type 1 – Timber
Support Frame

Type 2 – Steel
Support Frame

Type 3 – Cladded
Support Frame

Type 4 – Aluminium
Support Frame

Step 3 – Select Louvre Blade Model

Select the Louvre Blade Model that will best suit your space, taking into account maximum blade spans.

Linear 195

3500mm Max Span | Size – 195 x 32
Between Blades – 152

Linear 215

4200mm Max Span | Size – 215 x 35
Between Blades – 168

Linear 235

4600mm Max Span | Size – 235 x 40
Between Blades – 183

Linear 275

5500mm Max Span | Size – 275 x 46
Between Blades – 217

Step 4 – Select Blade Direction

Select the best direction to install your Louvre Blades, this will determine the blade width, how many blades within a bay & bay dimension.

Parallel With

Perpendicular To

Step 5 – Select Control Type

Technology has come a long way, especially in the area of outdoor living comfort.

Have you one roof or more. Do you want them controlled individually or all as a group? Do you want to be able to do both? Do you want automatic rain protection? What accessories are important to you such as Lighting and or Heating.

Hand Held Remote

Sleek and contemporary design the Evo Hand Held Remote easily controls up 42 zones while also being able to include 4 preset positions. Efficiently control lighting, heating & audio. Control your roofs in a group or individual configuration, while also being able to integrate the remote control with your building management system if it is required.

Wall Mounted Remote Switch

Stylish & simple to install, these wireless transmitters are available in a variety of colours & finishes. Control 1 roof through to 4 roofs with preset positions optional and also control your lighting systems from the 1 panel. The battery is easily accessed to replace, a low battery LED signal appears 3 months in advance.

Hardwired Wall Switch

Control upto 2 roof from 1 panel inbuilt rain sensor controller can be included as an option. Easily Open | Stop | Close – press the open or close button and the roof will fully open or fully close. Press ‘STOP’ anywhere in between. (Most universal type switches can be used to operate roofs in a hardwired installation.)

Smart Phone Control

Connect to your home WiFi and operate the roof through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. MyHand lets you interact any automated system from anywhere in your building, it is so simple to create scenes and program the weekly timer. Its stylish design means that MyHand will discreetly integrate anywhere within your building.

Step 6 – Select Automation Type – Optional

Get the maximum use from your Opening Louvred Roof. You will need to consider all the benefits the Aerotech system can provide including: fresh air, ventilation, sun protection, light control, rain protection & most importantly the option to be able to sit underneath the stars in the evening or simply let out the smoke from your BBQ. All of this is possible by integrating the following sensors.

Rain Sensor

With the inclusion of the Aerotech Rain Sensor your Opening Louvred Roof will intelligently automatically close when rain is detected, keeping your guest’s and valuable furnishings dry at all times.

Light (Sun) Sensor

The Aerotech Green Screen light sensor system automatically adjusts the light intensity according to the variation of the natural light keeping the ambient level constant. Automatic adjustment of light intensity by adjusting blade positions & optional side screen deployment.

Timer Control

Handheld Remote control is available in a single, five and 15 channel options that can individually control each louvre bay as wellbeing able to programme for any type of group control, enjoy the added luxury of operating under the awning.

Wind Sensor

With wind pressure increasing without notice this can cause a operational hazard to your business or entertaining time the inclusion of a wind sensor will ensure your roof opens & closes to the predetermined levels. The roof can open or close when high winds are detected.

Step 7 – Select Lighting Type – Optional

Our Lumatech LED Downlight system is recessed within a fixed louvre blade light module profile and delivers 380lm. The Lumatech LED Strip-light System offers a unique diffused lens that allows you to create a warm & contemporary outdoor environment. The LED’s are integrated within our system and are controlled by a remote control or handheld device interface

LED Downlights

Downlight modules offer a functional solution that will ensure you position your light directly over the centre of your dining or entertaining area. The LED Downlights are available in three different illumination variances from daylight through to soft ambient light.

LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lighting is a functional solution, Strip LED Lighting is housed outside of your direct view and will bring your outdoor space alive at night. With LED strip lighting available in all of the colours of the rainbow, you can light up your space and customise it with your preferred colour strip lighting.

Step 8 – Select Powder Coat Range & Colour

The Dulux Powdercoat colour charts are a helpful guide to choosing the most suitable colour combination for your Aerotech Series Opening Louvred Roof system. Long term performance of your coating will be enhanced by regular care and maintenance of your powder coated surfaces. Some of the benefits are…

  • Contain no harmful volatile organic solvents
  • Free of heavy metal pigments such as lead, cadmium, arsenic & mercury
  • Proven low temperature curing technology
  • Produced with stringent Safety, Health & Environmental policies and standards
  • Developed with consideration of life cycle analysis, to guide our suppliers and the materials we use
  • Manufactured in facilities where significant energy and resources employed in production, are measured with aggressive reduction targets in place

Dulux Colour Selectors
Download PDF – Dulux Duralloy & Precious Colour Selector – Residential
Download PDF – Dulux Duratec Zeus Colour Selector – Commercial
Download PDF – Dulux Duratec Elements Colour Selector – Commercial

Step 9 – Select Service Type

We offer all clients the option of a full Supply & Install service or we can offer design assistance and then Supply Only the product excluding installation, this allows the client to utilise Skymax approved partners to install the systems or simply take on the install using the existing site labour and with the added assistance of our installation videos and install manuals to complete the install.

Budget Estimate Form

Please complete the following steps to receive your project costing.

  • Step 1 - Area to Cover
  • Step 2 - Support Frame
  • Step 3 - Louvre Model
  • Step 4 - Louvre Direction
  • Step 5 - Control & Automation
  • Project Details

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.

The following drawings & specification documents are designed to assist architects, designers & builders with the early planning stages of their projects.

Model – Linear 195 Standard Layout PDF’s
PDF Download – 195 Blades Parallel With Building
PDF Download – 195 Blades Perpendicular With Building
PDF Download – 195 Parallel With Building Double Bay
PDF Download – 195 Parallel With Building Triple Bay

Model – Linear 235 Standard Layout PDF’s
PDF Download – 235 Blades Parallel With Building
PDF Download – 235 Blades Perpendicular With Building
PDF Download – 235 Parallel With Building Double Bay
PDF Download – 235 Parallel With Building Triple Bay

Supporting Documents
PDF Download – User Manual & Warranty
PDF Download – Skymax Terms & Conditions
PDF Download – Design Intent Statement – Water Reticulation
PDF Download – Design Intent Statement – Supply of Power

Model – Linear 215 Standard Layout PDF’s
PDF Download – 215 Blades Parallel With Building
PDF Download – 215 Blades Perpendicular With Building
PDF Download – 215 Parallel With Building Double Bay
PDF Download – 215 Parallel With Building Triple Bay

Model – Linear 275 Standard Layout PDF’s
PDF Download – 275 Blades Parallel With Building
PDF Download – 275 Blades Perpendicular With Building
PDF Download – 275 Parallel With Building Double Bay
PDF Download – 275 Parallel With Building Triple Bay

SkyMax offers a comprehensive range of accessories that are specifically designed to integrate with
your Aerotech Louvred Roof. Our Lighting, Heating, Audio & Enclosure systems are easily controlled
all from one device to ensure your indoor – outdoor living environment is comfortable year-round.

Lighting Systems

Lumatech LED Downlights

Our Lumatech LED Downlight System is compact, recessed & adjustable with a high light output, delivering a 380lm from a very small emitting area. The system can automatically adjust the light intensity  according to the variation of the natural light, keeping the preset level constant. For further information on Skymax Wireless Automation click here.

Lumatech LED Strip-lights

Our Lumatech LED Strip-light System offers a unique diffused lens that allows you to create a warm & contemporary outdoor environment. The LED’s are integrated in to the structure & are available in a variety of colours while the intensity can be modulated by using a remote control or handheld device interface. For further information on Skymax Wireless Automation click here.

Heating Systems

Electrotech Infrared Heating

Our Electrotech Infrared Heating System is regarded by many hotel operators as the number one choice for outdoor heating. The quartz element conveys a feeling of warmth and is available in a variety of heat outputs & commercial grade finishes. Integrate with Skymax Wireless Automation for complete control over heating to your outdoor space. For further information on Skymax Wireless Automation click here.

Electrotech Radiant Heating

Our Electrotech Radiant Heating System incorporates the latest in radiant outdoor heating technology. The sleek & minimal design incorporates a curved black steel fascia and can be easily face fixed or ceiling mounted, including the availability of our stainless steel flush-mount ceiling kit . For further information on Skymax Wireless Automation click here.

Enclosure Systems

Viewtech Vertical Louvres

The Viewtech Vertical Louvre System can be adjusted to your desired position & will efficiently provide privacy, ventilation, sun protection, wind protection & rain protection to your outdoor space. Simply operate manually or through an integrated Skymax Automation System for complete control over climatic changes.


Energy Efficiency
Our unique double-skinned design provides very good thermal insulation from heat and sound reduction unlike other single skinned roofing materials such as polycarbonate and or steel roofing materials (which are not good heat conductors). The louvres also reduce heating & cooling costs by controlling the amount of direct sunlight & promoting ventilation.

Natural Light Control
Control natural light and shade by tilting the louvres. Fully open to allow up to 90% of all available light in. For winter sun, tilt the louvres to allow direct sunlight to penetrate creating a warm protected area. During summer the louvres can be angled to reflect the sunlight providing a totally shaded, well ventilated and natural illumination.

Rain & Wind
Our Linear Louvre Blade Design features an inbuilt guttering system within the profile, each blade overlaps discreetly and each the Louvre Blade locks down firmly on our exclusively designed storm insertion strip within each blade. The Aerotech Series system is designed in Australia for Australian conditions, including handling winds of up to tropical cyclone strength (up to 43m per second).

Blade Model Comparison

Aerotech Series

























Image Gallery


Aerotech Difference

A World Of Difference.

SkyMax Aerotech Series Opening Louvred Roofs have been intelligently designed to incorporate four very distinct design features that elevate the Aerotech system over alternate systems.

Aerotech System

A larger opening between blades is achieved by utilising a heavy duty linear shaped aluminium extrusion profile. Delivering a clean, unobstructed view through blades when in open position.

Symmetrical linear blade design ensures total control of light ingress & delivers an unmatched architectural appearance.

The Aerotech system delivers optimal rain protection by utilising integrated storm insertion technology within each blade. When blades are closed from the underside a clean architectural panelled built-in ceiling effect is achieved.

Larger blade widths are achieved thanks to a combination of the innovative blade design & the wall thickness of the 6061 grade extruded aluminium utilised in the Aerotech blade. The additional stiffening gives the system unmatched structural integrity and a higher wind rating.

The Aerotech system is ideal for coastal applications as all components are manufactured from non-corrosive materials & finishes. Select from over 300 standard powder coat colours or customise your Opening Louvred Roof System with a large selection of anodised architectural finishes.

Alternate Systems

Alternate systems are typically manufactured from light-weight type of materials and to achieve similar spans these blades are typically thicker than the Aerotech blade, this results in the clear opening between each blade to be significantly less than the Aerotech.

Alternate systems typically each blade has two very different shapes defining the top & bottom of blade, your eye ends up focusing on one side of the blade and not focusing on the view through the blades, giving a cluttered appearance.

Alternate systems can typically deliver a misting effect when enduring heavy rain fall & in addition the underside of the blades will typically have the appearance of a colour bond roof type material.

Alternate systems typically the blades have a maximum span of up to 3500mm in width, this mean that additional motors and support cross beams are required for larger spaces making the space cluttered in comparison to the Aerotech System.

Alternate systems require a defined three-dimensional shape to provide the stability & typically are manufactured from .8mm thick colour bond steel material, these types of materials can be corrosive if installed in coastal environments.

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