Select an option from each of the 5 steps below to assist you in creating your Aerotech Opening Louvred Roof specification. If you require a project costing enter this information into the ‘Obtain a Project Costing’ tab. A Skymax representative will provide an accurate project costing based on your information.

Step 1
Select Blade Layout

Select the best direction of the blades for your project, this will determine the blade width and pivot of your system.

Parallel With Building

Perpendicular To Building

Multiple Bays Parallel With Building

Step 2
Select Support Frame Type

Select the support frame that will best suit your project, type 4 is an optional extra that Skymax can supply within our scope of works.

Type 1 – Steel RHS Support Frame

Type 2 – Steel PFC Support Frame

Type 3 – Timber Support Frame

Type 4 – Aluminium Support Frame

Step 3
Select Control Requirements

Technology has come a long way, especially in the area of outdoor living comfort.

Have you one roof or more. Do you want them controlled individually or all as a group? Do you want to be able to do both? Do you want automatic rain protection? What accessories are important to you? Lighting? Heating? Audio? Do you have garden lighting, or water features that you would like to incorporate?

Hardwired Wall Switch

Control upto 2 roof from 1 panel inbuilt rain sensor controller can be included as an option. Easily Open | Stop | Close – press the open or close button and the roof will fully open or fully close. Press ‘STOP’ anywhere in between. (Most universal type switches can be used to operate roofs in a hardwired installation.)

Wall Mounted Remote Switch

Stylish & simple to install, these wireless transmitters are available in a variety of colours & finishes. Control 1 roof through to 4 roofs with preset positions optional and also control your lighting systems from the 1 panel. The battery is easily accessed to replace, a low battery LED signal appears 3 months in advance.

Hand Held Remote

Sleek and contemporary design the Evo Hand Held Remote easily controls up 42 zones while also being able to include 4 preset positions. Efficiently control lighting, heating & audio. Control your roofs in a group or individual configuration, while also being able to integrate the remote control with your building management system if it is required.

Smart Phone Control

Connect to your home WiFi and operate the roof through your phone, tablet, laptop or PC. MyHand lets you interact any automated system from anywhere in your building, it is so simple to create scenes and program the weekly timer. Its stylish design means that MyHand will discreetly integrate anywhere within your building.

Step 4
Select Sensor Type (if required)

Get the maximum use from your Opening Louvred Roof. You will need to consider all the benefits the Aerotech system can provide including: fresh air, ventilation, sun protection, light control, rain protection & most importantly the option to be able to sit underneath the stars in the evening or simply let out the smoke from your BBQ. All of this is possible by integrating the following sensors.

Rain Sensor

With the inclusion of the Aerotech Rain Sensor your Opening Louvred Roof will intelligently automatically close when rain is detected, keeping your guest’s and valuable furnishings dry at all times.

Light (Sun) Sensor

The Aerotech Green Screen light sensor system automatically adjusts the light intensity according to the variation of the natural light keeping the ambient level constant. Automatic adjustment of light intensity by adjusting blade positions & optional side screen deployment.

Temperature Sensor

The Aerotech temperature sensor will detect movements in the temperature and adjust the blades to maintain preset temperature levels, ensuring maximum outdoor living comfort is maintained.

Wind Sensor

With wind pressure increasing without notice this can cause a operational hazard to your business or entertaining time the inclusion of a wind sensor will ensure your roof opens & closes to the predetermined levels. The roof can open or close when high winds are detected.

Step 5
Select Powder Coat Colour

The Dulux & Interpon colour selectors are a helpful guide to choosing the most suitable colour combination for your Aerotech Series Opening Louvred Roof system. Long term performance of your coating will be enhanced by regular care and maintenance of your powder coated surfaces. Some of the benefits are…

  • Contain no harmful volatile organic solvents
  • Free of heavy metal pigments such as lead, cadmium, arsenic & mercury
  • Proven low temperature curing technology
  • Produced with stringent Safety, Health & Environmental policies and standards
  • Developed with consideration of life cycle analysis, to guide our suppliers and the materials we use
  • Manufactured in facilities where significant energy and resources employed in production, are measured with aggressive reduction targets in place

Dulux Colour Selectors
Download PDF – Standard Colour Selector
Download PDF – 10 & 20 Year Warranty Range

Interpon Colour Selectors
Download PDF – Standard Colour Selector
Download PDF – 10 Year Warranty Range

Consequently, Dulux & Interpon Powder Coatings are a prime consideration for projects where air quality standards have been set, such as 4, 5 & 6 Green Star Rating Projects.