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5 things to consider

Commercial space rates being what they are these days means that if you’re a developer, an architect or commercial designer, you’re going to want to maximise the potential use of as much space as possible. You want to create a space that doubles as much as ‘inside’ on a wet day as it does ‘outside’ on a glorious one.

“What attracts people most, it would appear, is other people”

William H Whyte.


So what do you need to consider when you’re aiming to achieve a spectacular commercial outdoor space design?


  1. Gravitational pull

    No, not of the outer space kind, but rather the kind that is so visually appealing, people are pulled towards it. When delivering a commercial outdoor space design, what you’re really aiming to create, is a space that when people see it, it ‘feels’ right and they naturally gravitate to it. What makes a space feel right? Natural light, airiness and visual height. Having a roof that doubles as a window to the sky can help you achieve all these things.

  2. Flexibility

    You want your design to create flexibility for its current or soon-to-be owners/leasees, but you also want it to be robust enough that it can withstand change and evolutions in use. Consider an open/closed roof, adding a glass wall, or taking one down and letting the outdoors in. A flexible design is more likely to remain a modern commercial outdoor space design.

  3. Orientation & solar amenity

    Now sometimes you get no say in where an outdoor space is going to be located at design stage, and sometimes not. But obviously you’re aiming to maximise your space’s solar amenity. After all, unless you’re building a wine cellar or rooftop cinema (it could happen), you’re probably not going to be aiming to keep the space as dark and cold as possible. As in point 1, you want light, height and flexibility. So even better if your roof could ‘follow the light’ or, just in case you are looking to screen a movie or deliver an ‘intimate’ environment, you can ‘dim’ the light as required.

  4. Solar safety

    Speaking of solar amenity, we Aussies love our outdoors and glorious sunshine. But did you know that Australia ranks 2nd in the world for melanoma – a deadly form of skin cancer? So you want your commercial outdoor space design to be a space where you can let the light in, but block harmful UV rays in the heat of the day is becoming more of a consideration. And especially when you’re designing for dining opportunities. Big floppy hats are an essential at the beach, but not so much when you’re dining with friends, who would like to see you, not your hat.

  5. Protections from potential outdoor hazards

    When you’re creating a commercial outdoor space design within a space dictated by surrounding flora, you have to consider what that might mean for patrons of said space. Now, most people like a tree or two in the vicinity, but they don’t want leaf litter, Jacaranda flowers or bits of tree falling onto them every few minutes (or bird excrement either). Nor do they want to dine to the strains of those delightful nesting Ibises. Much better if your design can tune that out when required and reinstate the outdoors when they’re done.

If you’d like to learn more about how working with a SkyMax louvered roof can help you achieve more flexibility for your commercial outdoor space design, we’d be delighted to talk to you. You can call us on 1300 929 743 or get in touch.


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